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NameMesh’s in­no­v­a­tive web­site makes find­ing the per­fect do­main name eas­i­er and en­ter­tain­ing. Ad­mit­ted­ly, I have spent hours on the NameMesh site. My wife thinks that I may be crazy, but find­ing the per­fect name for a project has been be­come more and more chal­leng­ing as all of the seem­ing­ly great do­mains have been snatched up by squat­ters, hosts, and auc­tion­eers.

Okay, so I am go­ing to rant a lit­tle bit about the Do­main Squat­ters! Noth­ing is worse then see­ing the do­main I want as a long dead link of noth­ing­ness. Curs­es to those that sit on my po­ten­tial do­mains! Couldn’t you at least put some­thing up? A splash page, or im­age… any­thing? Wouldn’t it be great if your im­age was con­nect­ed to your site, so that if you didn’t do any­thing with a site it just has a huge pic­ture of you on your site. Bam! I own this!

Curs­es to those that sit on my po­ten­tial do­mains!

Shout out to me if you know of any oth­er great do­main hunt­ing sites, or if you have any good ideas how to squash the do­main squat­ters.

Oh yeah, check out NameMesh if you are look­ing to find your next do­main.

Vis­it NameMesh

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