Touring GrayPants Seattle Studio

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On a cold and wet Thurs­day morn­ing, I made my way down to the SoDo neigh­bor­hood in Seat­tle WA, to tour the Gray­Pants stu­dio. Deep in­side the in­dus­tri­al neigh­bor­hood, tucked in be­hind large anony­mous build­ings sits an old wood­en build­ing pre­vi­ous­ly used for boat build­ing. This is the home of Gray­Pants.

As you en­ter the space, I had to stop and just take in the enor­mous space. It was crammed with card­board and oth­er mis­cel­la­neous ma­te­ri­als all of which were in the process of be­ing trans­formed into some­thing amaz­ing. The card­board light fix­tures that they had be­come known for hung from the worn wood­en rafters. One hu­mon­gous card­board globe hung in the far back light­ing the hard work­ing stu­dio.

Pro­fes­sor Muren had set up a tour with Seth Griz­zle, one of the founders of Gray­Pants. Seth ex­plained the sto­ry be­hind Gray­Pants and showed us around the space. It was in­spir­ing to meet this small scrap­py com­pa­ny crank­ing out in­ge­nious light­ing sys­tems made out of card­board. Hear­ing their sto­ry and see­ing their work re­mind­ed me of why I got into de­sign.

Makes me want to go out and make things!


Vis­it to learn more.


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